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Humble (Remix) Lyrics - Artist : Token
Productive, successful, I'm taught like that
Girl, hit me when you need a boss like that
This pillow, on my neck, you soft like that
Everybody telling me it's too early to talk like that
I do not like that
Gotta park like that, ay
Looking out their window like "I can't even believe it"
Gotta stop like that
Then I fall right back
'Cause only a couple of y'all got my back, wait
I think you are, confused about, what I'm talking 'bout
Next person to tell me to stay humble, I'mma sock 'em out
Take you to my momma's crib and sit you down and
Talk about just all of my accomplishments
I know why you talking shit
Don't care if I'm humble
You just ain't yourself and don't wanna see somebody else with confidence
If I was only humble, I probably would just fold and crumble
Would've went with the first labeled that tried to sign me and closed the buckle
Go for a ride
Industry just suck me up through the golden funnel
Never see the light through the open tunnel like
Like "damn, I fucked up"
Never got put on
Never got a job
Never got an allowance
Now I got the best fans, best manager, and the best accountant
Still I only follow my gut, 'cause I wouldn't be the best without it
Every time you get a gut feeling, you just pop a Tums and forget about it
So how come, when I, drop a pic
When I'm proud, of myself, all of y'all, comment this:
"Man.. I hope you stayin' humble
Don't get cocky, little boy
I can see your belt buckle"
I don't really care
I don't gotta role play
Louis on the waist
[?] and the Dolce
You think I'm a fan
I think that you're okay
Need work on the flow, and the steez, whole thing
This is my domain, my homebase
You be on thin ice, don't make it a cold case
I don't give a fuck if you go hate
Nothing come before mi
Except do re okay
Hold up, turn around
Don't tell me what I should agree to if you
Have no idea what I've turned down
I've excelled from all of your ratings
Leaving you dead and decayed
I'm dedicated, exclamation, separation
You vs. me - depth and basic
Elevation, been complacent, present day and very ancient
Air it out, ventilation, air to breathe
I will humbly say you don't compare to me
Fuck you
I'm out

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