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Fake '88 Lyrics - Artist : Saint Etienne
"I am tired and I'm bored", he said
"And I've got kinks in my bed
This work, how I hate it, I'd much rather play
Nothing to do, but I do need a rest"

Let's just get started and make a mess...

Morton stood up and said "What's that?
It's the fifteenth of May, and I'm cold, and I'm wet"
He turned without stopping
And smiled to the pilot
People weather the terrible storm

A distant space [?]

A scene from a film circa 1982
We drove down George Street, en route to Wendy's
Glenn Campbell was on the radio singing about cleaning his gun
And dreaming of Galveston
"What's this?" she said
"It's Hall and Oates or nothing for me"

Of course, this was pre-House Nation
And I asked her "What is anyone going to remember this decade for?"
She paused for a second, then said

"Waffle cardigans, Wentworth jail
Rah-rah skirts straight out of Hell
Andrew [?] and BMX bikes
Chernenko and miners' strikes
Nikky Kershaw and Red Ken
Peter Tatchell and Dirty Den
Mark King slapped his bass
And early issues of The Face
Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Margaret Thatcher
Toto Coelo, and Spycatcher
E.T., Arthur, Elmo's Fire
Not a patch on Billy Liar
Phil Redmond and Transformers
Tin-Tin Duffy in leg-warmers
Stu Damer, evil Tel
Roger Hebert, what a pal
Steven Waldorf, Jerry Gross
Do The Hucklebuck by Coast To Coast
Steve Blacknell on the telly
The classic beard of Altobelli
Leon Klinghofer, baby duck [?]
Blonde highlights, fluorescent sock
Steve Lynex and Gordon Smith
Martin Fry grew a quiff
Haysi Fantayzee, Videotech
Shakey drove us crazy, what the heck
Hazel O'Connor in Breaking Glass
Gripper Stebson's in the class"

And I said, "I don't remember any of that. If you can remember the '80s you weren't there
Uh, you know, I remember Scott Crolla in his Furry Freak Brothers t-shirt, if that's anything"

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