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Rights Lyrics - Artist : LUCKI
Aye, yo, yo
This is a high quality film, right?
Aye, aye, yo, yo

She gon' keep faking like she don't know what's happening
Woah, aye, yo, yo, aye
She gon' keep faking like she don't know what's happening
I'm not who they capping with, more expensive average shit
That's your mans, you pat him down, know your hoe gon' let her in
I don't want no snakes around me, I come from a savage pit
I got niggas looking for me, even ones that's not legit
I was stacking dirty hundreds, re-ing up with counterfeits
He sip lean, get fat, and quit, I'ma die over this shit
Niggas mugging over pussy, he gon' die over that bitch
Know that I'm gon' get the truth 'cause you can't lie to me with fear
I won't make no friend of you and I don't ride when you appear
Spent your last on that lil coupe, ain't make a dime the whole new year
Told you all these niggas fu, I don't know why you brought me here, woah, aye, aye
I ain't takin' nothing for granted
No chances, I only want advances and cash on the random
Who they want, aye, woah, what's the scope, aye, aye
Them or me, not even close, huh, huh
Pick a script, aye, aye, play a role, uh
I'm busting scripts, I pray they go, aye, aye

All these different scenes, all these wannabes
All these wannabes, they forgot they dream
They just wanna be, that's the funny thing
All these different scenes, they just wanna be

Yo, yo, aye, aye, aye
What they want, different scope
Them or me, not even close

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