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Pay It Lyrics - Artist : Jeannie Ortega
Ain't no stoppin' me now.
I'm ready to go.
It's just a new ? they want baby.
On the block it stays hott.
No where to go.
Out of control.
So I made it.

Yeah sometimes it's hard,
But I'll deal with it.
Put my faith in God.
And keep on livin.

Just pay it baby.
No matter what they gon' be haitin'.
Flip back, shake it, keep on perculatin'?

Walk and talk everyday.
Get out of my way.
I'm not playin'.
You thought you would hold me down.
Well look at me now.
I put on a smile and payed it.
Yeah they try real hard.
But i aint ?.
Put my faith in God and keep believin'.


I ain't gonna' stop.
Take it to the top.
Cause now we makin' moves.
?? ever forget you.
Imma keep it locked.
Give thanks for what i got.
All my people take a stand.
Don't regret a thing.
But the hurt the pain, it made me who i am.

Shake them haters off.
Make them fakers leave.
I'm tryin' to get this cheese oh please believe.
But some of these ? Don't mind.
I'm tryin' to make this bread, why you all in my recipe?

Now playas promoted. Haters devoted.
The only way you dope is if I wrote it.
No matter how you act you can't hold me back. Me and Jeannie on the track.
What's messin' with that?


Brooklyn stand up. Get them hands up. [x2]

Borricua oh morena oh latino oh everybody.

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