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Moneymaker Lyrics - Artist : Everlast
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh!

Praise your God, Lord have mercy
My mother warned me, my father cursed me
Grand design, time to meet yo' maker
Go on honey shake yo' moneymaker
Baby don't be lazy come get yo' paper
Go on honey shake yo' moneymaker
Walk a little road, see where it gon' take ya
Go on honey shake yo' moneymaker

Baby I'm a sinner, all I've done is wrong
Everybody clap yo' hands, sing a simple song
Whiskey it spills and we all get along
But Louis keep it real take a hit from the bong
Do the Lionel Richie go (All Night Long)
Three times a lady, easy like Sunday morn'
On and on until the break of dawn
Hot butter on - say what - the popcorn
Yes yes y'all and, creditors callin
Dow Jones fallin, push your chips all in
Get your poker face and hit the World Series
Run the rat race, yo' conspiracy theories
I'm kinda upset about the new world order
You wonder how they're leadin all the lambs to the slaughter
Sign up become a new world Nazi storm strooper
Or wind up just like a William S. Cooper


25, 5 to 1
We got 'em outnumbered but they got the guns
What's wrong is law, what's might is right
You wanna give peace a chance then put up a fight
The solution's a fact, revolution's the act
Keep us crazy 'bout money, 'bout pollution and crack
Keep us scared of Al'Qaeda always on the attack
Just in case you get by and start a war in Iraq
Ship your ass overseas and get shot in the back
Keep you down on your knees like a hoe on the track, singin


Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh!

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