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P.S. Your Keys Are On The Table :) Lyrics - Artist : Duwap Kaine
Yeah, I told that ho, "You want Gucci? Well, I'm wearing Gucci"
And free my nigga Gucci squeezin' on the uzi
And my diamonds, they be hotheads just like a jacuzzi
Have a fuck nigga shook like I made a smoothie
Runnin' to the guap, you know I cannot stop
That money my love, purple in my cup
Counting up my mula, cooler than a cooler
These broke some losers, that Citgo, I grew up
Putting niggas on the map
Young nigga from the trap
Run up, get clapped
I need my money ASAP
A$AP Rocky, hoes say I'm cocky
Runnin' up my mula, no, you cannot stop me
Niggas like to copy, I sleep in Versace
Your ho finna top me, and she call me papi
Finna count up them bands
I'm finna roll of a Xan'
High in the sky, I can't land
Making drug money with that fan
I'm not an inspiration, I do too much drugs
Yeah, I'm the plug, you know what's up
I got the munchies, who got the money?
Nah, I'm just playin', I stay with money
Niggas be funny, diamonds Dasani
Don't run up on me, you won't get nothin' from me
My chain be glowin', my oven be snowin'
These hoes, they be blowin', I bend then we going
I'm high as fuck, who got the drugs?
Who got the plugs? Who got the drugs?
I'm high as fuck, who got the plugs?
Who got the drugs? Who got the drugs? Yeah

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