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Salem Ilese (L)only Child

(L)only Child lyrics Little too close to my parentsNot that good at sharingUsually make a messPut tolerance to the testSorry to all of my roommatesYeah, I can be uselessPromise it’s just a phaseGuess I should give them space Oh, I’m not gonna blame being a lonely childOn me being an only childBut what is a … Read more

Alan Walker & Salem Ilese – Fake A Smile Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Alan Walker Fake A Smile

Fake A Smile Lyrics You and I, up all nightNothing’s wrong, nothing’s rightI swear these walls are upside downSwear the roof is undergroundDemons don’t sleep at nightOh, oh, oh I try to turn off my mindSay I’m doing just fineBut I’m screaming inside like (oh-oh-oh-oh)Say these words on repeatWhile I’m trying to breatheNow you’re counting … Read more