Sir Sly – Numb Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Sir Sly Numb

Numb Lyrics I wanna go to sleep and not wake upI want a simple dress and no makeupI wanna fight with you and not make up, my loveI’ve been like this for too long I’ve always wanted what was out of reachIt’s not your fault the way you brainwashed meNow I’m stranded under all this … Read more

Sir Sly feat. Gary Clark Jr. – Citizen Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Citizen Lyrics On the 5I see a sign“You need Jesus”“You need Jesus”Then I sigh as my insides start their screamingStart their screamingHoly Spirit, can you hear us?I feel liftedI feel fearless I don’t wanna be your perfect citizenDive out the car, it’s headed in the wrong directionI don’t wanna be a good boy and keep … Read more

Sir Sly – Welcomes The Pressure Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Sir Sly Numb

Welcomes The Pressure Lyrics Look at meSomething from a TV screenChasing down some ecstasyBut I want you to think that I’m deep Do some drugsAnd dress up like a 90s dadKeeping up with all the fadsBut I want to belong to the scene Oh I know maybe this won’t last foreverBut baby I welcome the … Read more

Sir Sly – Honey Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Sir Sly Numb

Honey Lyrics What’s it bigger than?Drink the holy water that you’re swimming inWash away all of my biggest sinsSleepin’ in on the linens again I wanna be your winter sunFly up to Montreal and warm you up Good god I’m hot never felt this sunnyI want you on my tongue like a little bit of … Read more

Sir Sly – Loverboy Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Sir Sly Numb

Loverboy Lyrics I can’t ever be your everythingBut I wanna be your loverboy, your loverboyGirl, this life is what we make itDone with all the fake shitI only wanna be your loverboyYour loverboy, your loverboy I like chocolate and rosesBreakfast in bed and polaroid posesI like holding you closelyTracing with fingers your lips and your … Read more

Dinosaur Jr. – Take It Back Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Dinosaur Jr. Take It Back

Take It Back Lyrics Hey now, take it backHey now, right on trackHey now, gimme thatAway from youHey now, right on trackHey now, don’t feel thatHey now, take it backAway from you I piece you struggledIntense, now muddledI slipped but I discovered youSeed out and wonderI tried but I’m underFade out, I’ll discover you Hey … Read more

Dinosaur Jr. – Garden Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Dinosaur Jr. Take It Back

Garden Lyrics Sometimes we swayCouldn’t have it any other wayNow it happened, nobody’s happy with itEverybody’s living through itMust admit I get into it Don’t make it harderHand me your hand, no time to waitWhere is the gardenAnd when do we move?Love how you move with me Takes time, it takesTime living on a razor … Read more

Dinosaur Jr. – I Ran Away Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Dinosaur Jr. Take It Back

I Ran Away Lyrics Never sure whose side to takeNever sure when I’m awakeIf there’s a difference make it threeIf I could change I would agree There’s a section outta reachLittle things I’d like to keepRattles in your head a signI’d expect another time I ran awayI gave it up todayWho could I blameIt can’t … Read more

Dinosaur Jr. – I Met The Stones Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Dinosaur Jr. Take It Back

I Met The Stones Lyrics I saw the planetI met the stones If you’re invited, stupid not to goI took a peak out, saw you alone I gave it everything I gotI tried to stop you I could notI’m here to tell you that’s a lie I got excited, I got depressedSituation and then the … Read more

Malia Civetz – Anybody But You Lyrics | Lyrics Labs

Malia Civetz Anybody But You

Anybody But You Lyrics Makeup on my pillowcase, all the tears cried over youFool me once and I’m to blame ’cause I let you do it to meBut now your welcome’s wearing out ’cause you went and wore me downBut what I told you not to worry ’bout you should be worried now I might … Read more