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Joel Corry Bed

BED Lyrics I got a bed, but I’d rather be in yours, yours 9:05 in the eveningI’m all up in my feelingsI’m calling your phone ’cause I can’t get enoughAnd I got work in the morningEarly, early in the morningBut who needs sleep when we’re loving it up Oh oh why’d I gotta do this … Read more

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Sia Floating Through Spaces

Floating Through Space Lyrics You made it through another dayYou made it through another dayYou did it, let’s celebrate, oh, ohSome days you feel you’ll breakBut you made it through another dayYeah, you did it, let’s celebrate, oh 24/7 and 365You made another day, made it aliveMade another day, made it alive (yeah)24/7 and 365You … Read more