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City Of 30,000 Wolves Lyrics - Artist : Stalley
[DJ Khaled:]
Ayo, Stalley, shit real out here, this real life, real rap, let's go!

They shooting hammers, burning candles on that side walk
Holy Mary, this shit is scary and these guys bark
Revolvers and automatics for that side talk
Take everything to heart, so nothing slidin' dawg
So if you reach make sure you squeeze it off
These little niggas don't get books but got that Nina Ross
Educated by niggas that be teeing off
Trained behavior in my city of 30,000 wolves
And money be the root of it all
So we running in your crib or we roofing your ball
Big bullies with the long fullies
Leather jackets, Bape shark hoodies
It's a struggle but we make it work
It's a short on job, so we taking work
Ask my homie how he doing
He said he freaking hurt
His mama just passed, he trying to find the church
So I sent my condolences and a half a purse
And what's worse is his kids don't care
They didn't know their grandma so why should they be there
Is what they telling him at least
And I know that take a piece of his heart
He try to play it cool, but I know he play it hard
Can't think of much to say, so all I do is nod
Tell him to keep his head up, and his faith in God

[DJ Khaled:]
Lord knows it's a struggle
Just give us freedom
330, MMG, Blue Collar Gang, Ohio, Massillon

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