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Spirit Fingers World Wide Lyrics - Artist : Seckond Chaynce
[Seckond Chaynce:]
Spiritual lyrical menace on the mic and I'm finna show out for my daddy because the sons of the enemy are taking it global and I refuse to be a passivis on this situation so I'm coming harder than ever homes
Empowered by the holy phantom and equipped with the gift of spirit fingers I'm on a mission to combat with the kingdom of the advisory and retreat is never an option so even if I gotta die in battle then brang it on
What in the heck is he doing he's finna ruin it
The global take over Seckond Chizzle he threw a screw in it
The holiness of God on a daily I be pursuing it
Presenting it to the people even chopping and screwing it
Moving the people away from the secular music they coming and seeking the king
Then snap into hyper drive and making a mockery of em you know what I mean
Yes, Trevor's a mess, but I've been blessed, never the less, ready to flex, not for the check or the respect but for Elohim
To the wicked I spit it and pray that you get it
That Jesus died on the cross so your sining can be forgiving
My wish is that when you listen the holy spirit will slip in and brang you under conviction and lead you into repentence
So then your truly forgiving and giving a new beginning cause soon this life will be finished and another one beginning
Every knee is gonna bow and every toung is gonna confess that Christ is Lord
So we take it World Wide!

(World Wide)
Spiritual Warriors
And we be on it cause
God has anointed us
To do spirit fingers
(World Wide)
His ghost is haunting us
And we gone flaunt it cause
You should be joining us
In touching his spirit fingers

[Eric C. The Tempa Tantrum:]
The Demon Hunter been fiendin' to cast a demon up out cha' body, come over let me start this
Stickin' my sword up inside of ya' chest, rippin' the flesh off of ya skeleton we 'bout to get ridda' ya filthy carcaus
Drippin' gasoline upon the facility floor from Colorado to Florida, strikin' a match up let me spark this
Brangin' the flame of the name of the Kang of the Kangz and we claimin' that he reignin' over the name of the King Of Darkness (K.O.D.) regardless
The 6's better be afraid of the 7's cuz everyone knowin' that 7 ate 9
We know that you tried to get rid of Him but kno matter what you did to Him, He was risen from the dead and he ain't dyin', so you can keep on tryin'
To get rid of The Heavenly Father but don't even bother cuz it could happen in an instant
He gon' be comin' up outta the clouds on a white horse promissin' you won't be challenging the existance (HOGMOB)

[Hook x2]

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