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Schlock Rod (Part 2) Lyrics - Artist : Jan & Dean
(Schlock Rod)
(Schlock Rod)

Zipping around wet corners I can made her proddy
(Schlock Rod)
And then I stop at the drugstore well just for a sodey
(Bad ride)
With a bright orange bug deflector with a great big jewel
When I make the drive-in scene I sure am cool
(Schlock Rod)
Look at me, I'm hip
(Schlock Rod)

I've just bought a propeller for the set front of my grill
(That's sweet) (Fly, boy, fly)
Well, it looks so nifty, makes my heart stand still
And if you ask me if it's slow I won't mind
I can shut down any Honda with a wink of my eye
(Schlock Rod)
(Schlock Rod)

I ask all the chicks for a ride but they all pass
(The shift)
Guess they figure that maybe I don't show them much class
(Who cares? Not me)
I really don't mind when I get the air
My Schlock Rod's paid for so I don't care
(Schlock Rod)
(Schlock Rod)

Well, I think I'll just go along and pick up some chick-a-diddies
(Schlock Rod)
They uh don't seem too interested
I can't catch them in my Schlock Rod
Wait up chick-a-diddies, Hhere I am (Schlock Rod)
They're running kind of fast, don't you think? (Schlock Rod)
Well, if I could just go down the hill, I could catch them
Come on, let's forget this stuff (Schlock Rod)
Okay, let's go to the malted shop just for a sodey (Schlock Rod)
Uh, don't forget your codey (Schlock Rod)
Oh, I got it right, here in my glove compartment
Well, you bring it along
Along with some gloves, of course
Yes, sir
I have class, don't forget
Right in our Schlock Rod
Oh, listen buddy, if you don't like it...

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