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Huh Lyrics - Artist : G Herbo
808 my crew
Swervo (uh, huh)
Sizzle told me get in my bag, man
Everything new, we finna go get the Lambo truck (Southside)

If you a real live gangsta ass nigga, throw your shit up
Give a fuck 'bout where you from
All them trill niggas with us
Everybody got a gun, pussies still will get hit up
Plus I'm still with that shit
Just be chill tryna fill up
Got that 40 riding E all in the field, need a fill up
And I'm really chasing mill's
Nigga, I'm just being real
Everybody running wild now
I'm just being still
Unless I'm still on the road or I'm still gone off a pill
And I don't got a deal
I don't have to offer some meals, I'm eating for real
Soon as I walk in the building everybody in there could tell I'm eating for real
Just by the way that I talk, probably the way that I walk
I don't even floss
Leave you with some of this sauce
Teach you to learn from a loss and look like a boss
Everybody won't pay that cost
This YSL, not Hugo Boss
High as hell, I'm finna cough
Folks is coughing up a storm
Get that seed, had to swallow
We was fools, eating, selling all that food
Shout out Ralo
Boy, boy don't make the news
Front yo move, catch a hollow
If them people question me 'bout anything, hell if I know
I just had court yesterday, I get depressed whenever I go
But I still gotta wake up and get fresh whenever I go
I got swag like I'm Capo, I know

Everybody think I'm rich now
Everybody think I'm a bitch, huh?
You don't think I'm still with that shit now
You think I'm scared to pull this bitch, huh?
You was really barely in that shit, huh?
You ain't never have to blow yo stick, huh?
You really tryna get to know that bitch, huh?
You know she be sniffing coke and shit, huh?
On the road and shit, huh?
Using most that shit, huh?
Always broke and shit, huh?
Never post that shit, huh?
I'ma die a gangsta
And you know that shit, huh?
Death before dishonor, nigga
And you know that's it, huh?

I'm still with that shit, bitch
Blick still in my whip, bitch
And I'm riding automatic, bitch this ain't no stick shift
And you know I switch clips, like I switch whips
Bank been seeing me like all week, this my sixth trip
I been smoking Posto all day, this my last zip (Posto!)
Walking 'round with that Kriss Vector, make his ass flip
I ain't want his blood on my hands, so his ass crip
Herbo, run along, that's my mans, get ya ass kilt
Herbo been alone, where he been? Running up them bands
Niggas sleeping 'way all they days, fucking with them xans
And I gotta whole lotta grand, but I'm not the man
Niggas lose it all for the 'Gram, bet that wasn't the plan
And I do it all for the fam, and then for the fans
I done been through failure and all, that made me a man
I done been through hell with my dawgs and I'll go again
And they want more smoke again, we let 'em know again
And go to the store again, they just bought four again
Won't tote no.44 again
I blow an F

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