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Venom Remix Lyrics - Artist : Dax
I'm about to spit this Venom my hearts full of rage pent-up aggression
I'm about to tear this be a new asshole I don't think they've learned their lesson
How the fuck you wanna talk rap in this generation but I don't get mentioned?
Like I ain't done more than 95% of these niggas independent
This level is not reachable they ain't never seen a man climb this high
No hooks my bait is the truth I spit I catch from a view that's fisheye
Rip tides as I wave them goodbye
You can't swim tsunamis
This beats getting flipped acrobatically bitch, I'm catching bodies
Load it up, I'm a son of a gun
Pistol whipping everyone who is not in my caliber
Verbal bullets get to flying on automatic, you can't Dodge if you are not a Challenger
I revolver around and orbit the earth
You're not planted anywhere on my calendar
Smith words in the West and on leap years I'm out sniping these lines out in Africa
Desert eagle gassing chambers within ye cerebral
Semi democratic even Mike Pence couldn't 2nd or amend bars this lethal
Fuck peace
They in the middle east for the oil
Root of evil, blood on the flag they been landing
So who's saying that it's not bout the soil?
I recoil 'cause I'm not one to politic
If I don't get voted in office I'm done with the remix and paying these homages
Cause I don't see no other candidate fit for position with this type of confidence
Who came in game off the bench and been killing these people and ain't on a scholarship
Just to be honest when most of comments are positive
Negative feedback is fuel to achieve more accomplishments hoping they don't put a sock in it please do opposite
Fan the flame
Fuck if they don't I'ma add my own oxidant
I don't need oxygen bitch I'm monogamous
Married the game but like Solomon my shit is real and dependent on me to produce and continue my reign
And that's why my temples the booth
I'm feeling diabetic in this generation 'cause they sugarcoating all the truth
Not the mention the penicillin (pen is sealing) and the inks blue
So like duke I bomb on these devils who never never follow through
I'm official the government knows it
C.entral I.ntelligence has me on watch
They got a micro inside of the phone
So I don't talk like the hands on a clock
I don't do virtual I'm in reality your in the meta
Slave to a box fungible token, hot for a moment
Everybody gets to fuck like a thot thot thot thot
The illegitimate rap child
My style is a L.L.C
Limited and in the Company of greats with no backing or Liability
If you wanna make bets I'm ABC that's alpha
You beta's bet on me
I don't miss and if I remix a hit, the mind shifts to process it please repeat
Cause I spit this venom
My bite is extreme it may affect you depending on factors within the entanglement, I call the scheme
It could be bars on the surface or deep
That talk in the language of chasing your dreams or just some ridiculous shit to remind you that Dax is in a totally differently league
That venom
And it's not gonna stop
I got a hundred of these in the bag you better pray I don't drop
I see the evil, I see the rituals, I see the sinister plots
So I stay at war with these demons, a sinner but I'm still a soldier for God
You better give me space son I'm a star
Wars are fought and waged over art
If they invadher like darth
There will be no minds left to spark
I don't gotta act to play my part
I'ma shake pears I go to ham to let them think they'll ever get near
Like broadway bitch I'ma set the stage
Grease elbows then go investigate
I think somethings going in on in this day and age 'cause we stare while the problems escalate
And I estimate that in 33 years and 33 days the waters will rise and the climate will say that the humans on earth didn't care to change so their children will now have to suffer the fate and suffocate
But back to the rap shit
If I get too real you pigs will squeal and say Dax going bat shit
Well if I am a gotta perfect average
E.R.A spells era and this one ain't golden if Dax can't have it
Cause no one spits this truth even if they wanted to their minds can't grasp it
What happened
Rap used to be a skillful passion
Now they robbin it just like is baskins
The ice and the cream and the focus on fashion
Has got the masses divided in social classes obsessed with the size of asses living a fake life in Calabasses to feel valid that everybody thinks they want until they finally have it
Open eyes this is demise
We are currently living inside fucked up times
Mandates engaged the rise of violent crimes, depressions rates and death by suicide
808's to lower Shakras and divide
While the normacy of privacy's deprived
And the cancel culture vultures sit and hide
And then gas the light with lies on their device
And the people cry till eyes all realize real lies within the choice to picks a side not fall in line like sheep who can't decide where the grass is green or put the PESTS-A-SIDE
And the best advice that I can now provide is to life your life the best you can despite this evil crooked rollercoaster ride that your guaranteed not to survive

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