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TimeFliesWhenYoureHavingFun Lyrics - Artist : Bones
I'm hardly impressed, and rarely surprised
I'm twenty-four years of age but I feel like forty-five
I've seen the other guys, I done peeped the other side
There's not a day of the week that I relate to their rhymes
The way they not embarrassed, depressed deep down inside
Turn themselves into a cartoon and hopes it will suffice
Gold-plated bars, imitation ice
Tryna fake it but they end up breaking out for this life
They throw it all away, everything that came naturally
Every aspect that is unique, they done trashed it
Ridiculous outfits, unfitting haircuts
The opposite of them just as long as it means bucks
Pseudo rap enthusiasts belong in the loony bin
On the internet trying to prove to strangers how cool he is
I'm no gatekeeper for what you should and shouldn't do
But look inside of you, I promise you will know just what to do

I done put a hundred thousand hours into this shit
Made a hundred songs before I turned the age of ten
Don't talk to me about how you feel old
Cause I've spent some years on this
Bitch, get out my zone
This road I walk alone is cold but I am Bones
Ten toes when they would fold so many nights alone
The war from the crowd when I break a microphone
The lure of the dead man has took me round the globe
The team that is Sesh forever etches stone for those that follow in our steps to make their own
We the main ingredients, whatever's on the stove
You could be hot now, but tomorrow you gon' be gone

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