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Switch Lyrics - Artist : Cass McCombs
You're so black and white
Polarized by the aisle light
You flicker in my ear
"Let's put some color in this premiere"

You always have the line
You're both coarse and you're so fine
In a theater, blind
Come closer til we're intertwined

Turn you on, you light up the room
Turn you off, it's dark as a tomb
You're like a switch

You belong to you
That's why I love the things you do
Come on out, it's May Day
"Everyone's a whore in their own way"

Even when you're throwing shade
Caught in the fold of your own blade
A piggy or a thief
I love you always through joy and grief

Turn you on, you light up my soul
Turn you off, it's black as coal
You're like a switch

The law of love ain't fair
Easy for one, leaves another in despair
Travelling the stars
"We live in each other's hearts"

Loaded then you're clean
I want to crawl up into your screen
Someday you'll fly away
"That's the mark of magic, I'd say"

Turn you on, you light up the world
Turn you off, you make my blood curdle
You're like a switch

Turn you on, turn you off
Turn you on, turn you off
You're like a switch

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