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Spanish Armada Lyrics - Artist : Corb Lund
The Spanish Armada, Armada, Armada
The Spanish Armada has gotta whole lotta
Great cannon and scoundrels and barrels of beer
To grant thee condition is treason, is treason
The rights of the citizen bring it to bear

Can you hear me dear Pablo, dear Pablo San Frisco
Can you hear me dear Pablo, dear Pablo, my friend?
Have you heard that I've lost both my rank and my station
I need your advice now, I'm nearing the end

There's one time I had a, I had a, I had a
There's one time I had a good woman with me
But I left her, I left her just one time too many
I've lost that dame now to the wind and the weeds

And the waves are a-crashing, a-crashing, a-crashing
As high as a house upon those of us here
And the storm, she is lashing, is lashing, is lashing
Out hard against tyranny, cowards and fear

We hear of great riches, great riches, great riches
From the cold sons-of-bitches who plot where we steer
We hear of these riches just at the horizon
We've heard of these riches for nearly two years

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