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Majin Lyrics - Artist : LaCue, Sylvan
Allow me to pay homage, Yeah
(Some of y'all niggas, no name niggas)
(Some of y'all niggas, no name niggas)
(Same with you hoes)
It's about to be midnight in this motherfucker
(You know where to go)
Everyday on this road
It's all a nigga knows, man
God bless my soul, I'm a sinner

Yeah, talking progression came with heavy lessons
Ditch the complaining, count the blessings (Yeah, do that)
I had a couple conversations with myself before I stepped to God Was too afraid to show my scars, yeah (Too afraid, nigga)
Got body slammed back to the ground faster than John Cena (You can't see me)
The pride was damaged, my conscious did all the clean up (Yeah)
My shadow self got me feeling like I'm Majin Vegeta
I stretch my arm and take out like half the arena (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
Soon as I get the bigger picture
I spit elixirs over gears of Richard
Marciano kissed the scripture (Shouts to Marciano)
I take the good with the bad, the bad with the hopeless
The differences in winning and failure's all in the focus (Facts)
Don't get distracted by the locust eating from forbidden leaves as the wrath of Yaweh approaches (Sheesh)
Fear programs in my subconscious overthrowing prosperity all that scarcity I've imagined is showing, ugh (Wow)
Imagine crashing over thoughts I couldn't stop from thinking
Caught these toxic patterns poking holes, my mental ship was sinking (It was sinking, dawg)
Watch the cure you think your mind is drinking (Yeah)
Can't have expansion while focusing on what's shrinking (Facts)
I used to toast up every weekend
Pop a bottle, puff a L and fantasize about dominance while I prayed to Jesus (Jesus Is The One)
Narcissism like the prince of Egypt (Yeah)
Escaped the family and fled to discover secrets (Let my people go)
Friends and Enemies mix together like milk and honey
It's not the foe, it's the one you never see coming (Facts)
Wolf in sheep's cloth, surprising elements I had to peep dawg
Forsake your soul for your body that's when they feast off (Last supper, nigga)
Some of my niggas hot heads, they let the heat off, ugh (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
Catching bodies while catching charges to reap off, ugh
Opps retaliating sending hoes to balance out equations
Slit ya throat while they ride you, they're quite persuasive
My thoughts are dark but I'm not my thoughts
I'm a spirit, my body's the temple, my mind's the compass, my heart is fearless (Sheesh)
Soul of a advocate, I drop the top out
Ain't felt this much soul since you heard The College Dropout
When I was young I wanted guns so I could bring the cops out
I told my momma, she told me boy not in my house
Picked up this rapping shit cause I ain't make the cut in middle school for the basketball team and copped out (Bullshit)
Injured in the off season it got me scheming
Once I'm out the deal I'm flooding blocks faster than hurricane Katrina (Facts)
I need a 1997 Trina
Thank you God for your guidance
I'm a believer (Yeah)

I've been vegetarian for about 3 weeks
More energy
Clear mind
I'm just having fun, dawg
(Some of y'all niggas, no name niggas)
Don't let me sharpen my sward, man
(Some of y'all niggas, no name niggas)
(Same with you hoes)
Same with you hoes, man
(You know where to go)
Keep God first
Everyday on this road
It's all a nigga know

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